Saturday, August 30, 2014

New Vanity Light

One more step in the brass removal project was to get rid of the vanity in our master bath. Its only redeeming quality was that it wasn't ALL brass, but only partially

Old half brass vanity

One coat of Kilz

I took the old vanity light out pretty easily, but found under it that the horrible kelly green paint that the renters used in that bathroom was going to show when the new vanity was up due to the fact that the vanity wasn't removed when the room was repainted.

Last coat of Kilz

Two coats of the new color

So I had to apply two coats of Kilz to cover up the green and then had to paint that portion of the wall the new color that the bathroom will eventually be. It took two coats and a few touch ups but the portion above the mirror is now "new".

New light without the globe attached

With the globes and the light on

Once the painting was done, the install of the new vanity was pretty easy. Definitely like the new look over the old.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Front Porch Light Replacement

Okay, I bought all four porch lights at the same time, but due to weather and time constraints they weren't installed at the same time. I was able to work on two of them first because they are on the back of the house and in the shade for a large portion of the day.

Old front porch light (nice light in good condition just not the right style)

Old ugly brassy original light next to garage door

So this afternoon, in spite of the heat, I decided it was time to get the front porch ones done. The front door light had a pancake electric box on but also this built up ornamental piece that will eventually need to be removed to provide a more flush mounting so that weather won't get in. I need to run a bead of clear caulk over all four lights now, even though only the front door one seems that it would get any weather on it.

New porch light on front porch

New porch light next to garage door

Both installed pretty quickly and seem to be working okay. Currently they have incandescent bulbs in them since they are both motion sensored dimming lights, but I am going to hit a DIY store tomorrow and see if I can get dimmable LED lights for them so they can be left on all the time. They have light sensors so they only turn on at night.

So glad to have this project off the list!!