Friday, September 16, 2016

Pine Straw Clean Up At The Bamboo Lagoon

Pine straw is like leaves, it is a never ending project each year. Even though we don't have nearly the amount of pine straw here that we did in NC, it still requires a certain amount of maintenance. I really only clean up the straw that falls on a particular area of the yard and let the rest lie where it falls.

This area is right under two Ponderosas we have in the yard and is a thoroughfare to the back porch from the front yard so it has to be cleaned up. This is just the pine straw that fell directly on the ground....there is a bunch more that is on our patio roof that I need to push off onto the ground, but I wanted to get this out of the way first. This straw filled up our 45 gallon yard waste bin all by itself. I wanted to get this area cleaned up before I attempt to do some work on the back porch since walking through this area is necessary and the pine straw is very slippery on the landing area.

I raked all of the it off the landing area, and off the sloping area of the rock wall but left it alone at the top where it just adds to the nice forest look that we have on that side of the yard. It took me an hour to get it all cleaned up and that included cleaning up one side of the drainage system that runs along the yard as well.

I think it looks a lot better and I am sure that the plants that were under a portion of it are much happier to be back out in the open.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

List Needed

So I was telling my sister today about how there are a lot of projects to do around here, and part of what makes me feel like I am making headway is to get all the supplies for those projects even when I can't start those projects just is a false sense of accomplishment when nothing is really being done.

In the course of this, I have a lot of supplies and several half accomplished projects (along with many unstarted projects) and thought I better make a list. This is just a list of the ones I have already got supplies for, not all projects which need to be done around here (which would make for a very big post).

Update: as I remember items, I have been adding them to the list, and as I have been finishing things off, I am striking them out. Having this list is actually a really good thing for me...not sure why I didn't do it before.
  • Replacing all four porch lights Aug 4
  • Fixing 220 outlet in laundry room Jan 10
  • Setting up remote garage door opener Apr 13
  • Create new screens (frames and all) for downstairs bedrooms June 7
  • Set up weight room July 21
  • Weedblock bed
  • Reinstalled downstairs blinds July 21
  • Put table together July 21
  • Fixing redwood bench on pool deck
  • Check insulation situation in attic Sept 7
  • Changing lock on downstairs closet door Sept 20
  • Painting white lattice under pool deck
  • Painting all bedrooms, bathrooms, hallways and the laundry room
  • Fixing electrical outlet on pool deck March 25
  • Fixing electrical in garage October 25
  • Fixing electrical in house March 25
  • Replacing lights in two bedrooms January 3
  • Replacing exhaust fan in office with light
  • Mulching beds March 30
  • Reinforcing joists under front porch
  • Changing curtain rods in livingroom March 21
  • Planting items in yard
  • Getting rid of gophers
  • Redoing side beds and border
  • Removing dead stuff from yard
  • Removing overgrown stuff from yard
  • Cleaning grout in kitchen
  • Fixing grout along kitchen backsplash
  • Reseeding grass
  • Fixing fence on right side of house Apr 13
  • Fixing fence on left side of house 
  • Fixing closet in bedroom  Oct 13
  • Patching and retexturing holes in walls
  • Sanding and staining railing
  • Sanding and staining window seat
  • Pruning plants in backyard
  • Putting in vents to front porch
  • Touching up exterior paint
  • Caulking kitchen sink and around faucets in tub July 22
  • Cleaning and painting table for pool deck
  • Labeling all plants in yard
  • Painting exhaust fan covers, doorbell cover and intake vent covers July 22
  • Replacing towel racks and toilet paper dispensers in both bathrooms March 23
  • Prepping and painting all stained doors and trim white
  • Installing CO2/smoke alarm downstairs April 24
  • Change filters on heating/cooling system July 15
  • Change out electrical 220 in garage
  • Tiling laundry room
  • Tiling mbath
  • Tiling downstairs bath
  • Installing vanity
  • Installing Magic Mesh March 12
  • Install new vanity lights in mbath August 24
  • Install new vanity lights in downstairs bath
  • Replacing sand filter and multi-port value June 23
  • Install storage for extension ladder April 13
  • New herbs June 15
  • New plants in pots June 15
  • Fix rock wall near pumphouse
  • Fix support in weight room closet Oct 13
  • Fix rock wall in guest parking area
  • Create manual sprinklers for side yard
  • Create manual sprinklers for lower back yard
  • Work on pool deck boards
  • Install reducers on the drip lines
  • Installing new mirrors
  • Moving old mirror from mbath Sept 20
  • Fix electric box cover in laundry room Sept 7
  • Insulate attic opening cover Sept 7
  • Secured dryer vent Sept 7
  • Fix hole from woodpecker Sept 20
  • Install new cabinets in laundry room Sept 20
  • Unpacking 12000+ lbs of household goods
  • Installing bamboo floors on main floor of house  Oct 13
  • Install ceiling fan
  • Caulking and filling all baseboards on main floor  Mar 11
  • Filling floor in kitchen Jun 9
  • Patching pool  Feb 20
  • Replacing pool liner July 16
  • Powerwash patio furniture
  • Powerwash driveway
  • Fixing drain in bathtub
  • Putting new trim pieces on faucets
  • Fix porch stairs
  • Fix sprinkler problems
  • Fixing fence posts on left side of house
These are all the ones I can think of off the top of my head, and as you can see, I have plenty to keep me busy without needing to go get any more supplies any time soon...whew, that makes me tired...LOL

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Pruning Japanese Maple

Before with overgrown Japanese Maple and Lamb's Ear
I didn't get the project that I planned to get done, done but I did make a dent in the other things on the To Do list for the weekend.

This little guy has to be trimmed up every Spring to get it off the ground, and keep it under control. While doing this, I also weeded the three beds adjacent to it and re-stabilized the Japanese lantern.

It was a good workout and I felt like I got something accomplished even if it wasn't everything I wanted to get done today.

We might have rain tomorrow but I am hoping that maybe I'll get the first part of the day to do some additional yard work.

Cleaned up tree and lantern
Flowerbeds filled with weeds

After cleaning up all the weeds
Another angle on the overgrown Japanese Maple

After its hair cute...much happier
Now at least the house doesn't look completely abandoned...if I can get the lawn mowed and two more beds cleared of weeds, the front will start too look present-able.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Shearing at the Bamboo Lagoon

Wow...took a lot of effort but at least it is done for now...this lawn was 9 inches deep when I decided to tackle it yesterday...looks so much better.

I was sure the neighbors were sick of seeing that mess....

Still need to do a bunch of weeding and replanting as well as treatment on the lawn but before the storm hit, I am glad I knocked this portion out.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Furniture Rearrange at the Bamboo Lagoon

I know it has been a while. I have kind of stalled out on projects. Not that there aren't tons to be done, but just that with working full time, I find that I am limited on time.

The way that this corner of our living room was set up (even though it wasn't completely set up) has been bugging me for a while, but I haven't had the time or inclination to do anything about it. Well, the other day, this changed...I decided it was time to just try it out. It gave me the opportunity to get some cleaning done in the same part of the room.

So here it is.

This is the before picture. I had the love seat kind of up against the wall, with the step tansu against the stair railing but set up as a buffet and not in the step configuration. I didn't like how the love seat bled over in front of the window and how I couldn't put it all the way up against the wall because of the task light and the heater vent.

So this is now it looks now...

I put the step tansu in the corner set up in the step configuration and added some art to the wall. I moved the love seat in front of the step railing. I think it flows a lot better and makes the whole area more functional. I guess someday I'll be done with the rest of the house...of course this will probably be ten minutes before we sell