Friday, November 29, 2013

Fall Cleanup Continues At The Bamboo Lagoon

45 gallon yardwaste bin, big pile
Trees are pretty much done dropping their leaves now. I have done three different pickups of the leaves from the oak on the left side of our house. It is right over the walkway on that side so I tend to attack it in waves to try to keep that walkway and the little gully we have cleared.

Walkway and gully
Today, I also skimmed a bunch of leaves off the leaf net over the pool. I need to get it all emptied so I can pull it off before we get possible snow this week. I am still not completely sure how I am going to do that without getting soaked. I have to say it has worked well to keep the majority of the leaves off the bottom of the pool.

A couple of days ago, I raked up a lot of leaves off the front lawn too but still have more to go there. Filled up the bin that is going to be picked up on Monday but might be able to squeeze a bit more in...have to go through two more beds in front with the small bucket by hand because it is small scale stuff that the rakes won't work with.

Most of the front yard leaves go into the mulch bins because there are no acorns in the front yard leaves. I was able to put three trashcans full into the mulch bins, before putting the extra into the yardwaste bin.

Tomorrow hope to finish up the pool part (and will post separately on that), those small bits in the flower beds and then maybe move over to the backyard oak tree, which I haven't even started.