Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Pruning Japanese Maple

Before with overgrown Japanese Maple and Lamb's Ear
I didn't get the project that I planned to get done, done but I did make a dent in the other things on the To Do list for the weekend.

This little guy has to be trimmed up every Spring to get it off the ground, and keep it under control. While doing this, I also weeded the three beds adjacent to it and re-stabilized the Japanese lantern.

It was a good workout and I felt like I got something accomplished even if it wasn't everything I wanted to get done today.

We might have rain tomorrow but I am hoping that maybe I'll get the first part of the day to do some additional yard work.

Cleaned up tree and lantern
Flowerbeds filled with weeds

After cleaning up all the weeds
Another angle on the overgrown Japanese Maple

After its hair cute...much happier
Now at least the house doesn't look completely abandoned...if I can get the lawn mowed and two more beds cleared of weeds, the front will start too look present-able.