Friday, April 10, 2009

Interior Painting At The Bamboo Lagoon

It has come to our attention that several parts of the house need to be repainted inside. The house is currently vacant and members of our family have gone over to check things out. There is some mildew on the ceiling/wall in the downstairs bathroom near the tub, the upstairs bathroom was painted kelly green by one of the renters, and the livingroom walls just need an update.

As you can see in this image from when we looked at the house originally, the livingroom has cathedral ceilings and is a sage green. We liked the sage green and wanted to stay with that, but we needed something to open it up a bit. My cousin who is a professional painter, recommended painting the ceiling white again and separating the color at the fireplace. We decided to go with an offwhite in the bathrooms like they have both been initially after treating the walls for the mildew issues.

I think it looks a lot better now, and much fresher. We'll see how it handles the next round of renters...

Friday, April 3, 2009

Broken Toilets Mean New Low Flow

So this is the second of the two toilets in the Bamboo Lagoon that needs to be replaced and once again, we are going with the low flow toilets to save some water and perhaps do a bit for our environment. What is funny is, that from the first pic you can see that the non-low flow toilet actually has a smaller tank...

We had to replace the downstairs one a while ago and now the upstairs one is ready to go. When you look at the first pic, you can see a tad of the kelly green paint that was used in one of the bathrooms without our permission and will be painted over new soon.

We are supposed to get a rebate from the city and I believe we did with the first one, but I am not sure if the second one has gone through yet. That would require my property management company to do what they are supposed to do but in the last two years, it doesn't seem they know how to do we will see.