Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Additional Tidbits

There is a certain level of motivation that I think hits all of us when we have company coming to visit. At least I know it happens to me...and this is beyond the just wanting to clean up and have things look neat motivation. This is the let's get some shiite done motivation!

I have mentioned before that we had a substantial amount of water damage done to the house by the totally slacking property management company last year. I do realize that I have yet to actually post about that event but I have mentioned it in a few posts that I have put up here.

Anyhow, the downstairs bathroom was one of the most damaged parts of the house and is the only guest bathroom in the house. We lost the floor, several walls, 1/2 of the ceiling, insulation, and a huge 95 inch vanity that ran the length of one wall. We reinstalled the insulation and had the drywall and texturing done right away but paint, floors and vanity have been on the To Do list for some time.

The floor and vanity kind of rely on each other depending on what kind of vanity and what kind of flooring is being put in. It was looking more and more like we were going to be putting in a footed vanity rather than a kickplated vanity so reality is, flooring will have to be done first, but with a sale and a discount, this vanity was purchased and put into place temporarily so guests would have a place to put toiletries even if they couldn't use the sink. I hope to get it plumbed at least until we get ready to paint and do the floors so that it can be used soon. Right now, the knobs aren't installed, the top is not secured down and the faucet is not installed. Will get everything done but the top being secured since it will be easier to move it later with the top off.

Second little bug that got tackled was the painting of several covers around the house. Two of the exhaust van covers that can't be replaced with new, the doorbell cover and the intake vent cover all needed to be painted white and put back into place so there wouldn't be any gaping holes around the house. It took a couple of coats of spray paint to get all of the tan to white but they look much better now installed where they are supposed to be.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Little Tidbits At The Bamboo Lagoon

I have stalled out on a few things lately. Part of it is my weird brain and the mentality that each project relies on the completion of another project first and that in turn relies on another project which just keeps piling up until I practically get nothing done.

Yesterday, I decided I was going to knock out a few things regardless of what other projects were looming ahead because I was just sick of it.

Table assembled
So I started by vacuuming the entire upper floor (because I needed to use the vacuum in one of the projects downstairs and didn't want to drag it up and down the stairs more than I had to). Then I vacuumed the entire downstairs. I moved some projects that aren't going to be completed in the next week, into a closet to get them out of my way.

I put together this old 50's style table that has been sitting in pieces in one of the extra rooms so I could use it if necessary. Part of the reason it wasn't put together before this was because I need to paint that room and moving the table in and out of the room to paint is
Small window with blind
harder when it is put together, but since the painting isn't going to happen this week, I decided to forge on. The screws in the table were older flathead screws and one of them was missing so I made a run at lunchtime to our local hardware store to replace all the screws with Phillips Head screws so I could use the cordless drill instead of putting all 24 of them in by hand. While I was out, I picked up a healthy sandwich from the co-op for lunch.

Big window with blind
I rehung the two sets of blinds that I had repaired and cleaned a few months ago. Once again, the reason I hadn't done this before was due to wanting to paint the rooms that they are going in, but I am tired of not having the blinds up so I just put them up. Taking them down for painting won't be that big of a deal later. I had to replace one of the hanger clips on the larger blind but fortunately, I had an extra from the shop I had them fixed at.

I cleaned up the second of our extra rooms downstairs and put in the mats and the weight bench that has been sitting in the garage since last fall. Once again, painting was the reason this had not been done but I was sick of not having room in the
garage, and not being able to use the weight bench where it was. Hopefully this will motivate me to get back to weight lifting too. The downstairs of the house (because it is a split level) is much cooler than any other part of the house so that will be nice for exercising.

Pullup bar
I also installed in the doorway to that room the Perfect Pullup bar that I had purchased a while back. It isn't a good spot for someone that wants to do "real" pullups because of the low ceiling in that room in particular but because I
can't do real pullups yet (and J is not here to do them), I figure it will work for me doing the alternative methods until I get stronger. Once real pullups are required by one or both of us, we can move it to the other door frame where there is more ceiling clearance.

I am hoping that this motivation continues for a bit so I can continue to knock out a few things that have been lingering. Feels good to knock some niggling things off the list.