Friday, May 22, 2015

The Bamboo Lagoon Project

Empty dirty pool looking towards shallow end
So it begins...the liner has been a problem for some time now. The breaking point was this last fall when a raccoon got into the pool and couldn't get out and tore a hole in one corner. Then this winter, one of the railings started to come loose.

I tried to patch the hole a couple of times because the size of it and the location made it very hard to keep the pool full enough to filter correctly but I couldn't keep a patch over it. It was just too big to really stick.

So I talked to the pool company this winter about what my options were and then once we warmed up, made an appointment to have it looked out.

On Thursday, Bill came out and gave it a look, gave me a quote and helped me start draining the pool. It took about 9 hours to completely drain it, and then Bill came back today to do all the measurements for the new liner.

The reason it looks so dirty is because I didn't do any maintenance through the winter (would have been a waste of money) knowing we were going to dump the water this spring.

Looking towards the deep end
It will take about 3 weeks to get the liner in before we can start replacing it. For now, we leave the old liner in just to protect the framing from the weather. Bill said that because we don't have groundwater issues (the yard is sloped and the pool is actually behind and above our house), it should be an easy refit. They don't replace the steps (and to do that would cost almost the same as the liner) but they replace all the other plastic parts and the drain when it is all said and done.


This is the motif that I picked out. One thing I wanted was a simple design that would go well with our deck and landscaping. The dark blue bottom will make the water look awesome. The brown section in this motif is less orange in real life (I was able to see a sample of the vinyl) and will look nice with our weathered redwood to replace some of the boards on the deck...the list never gets any shorter.

I will update as the project progresses. I am hoping to be off work on the days when Bill is here doing the replacements so I can see the process and take photos.

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Moving And Organizing Project Room

This is still a work in  progress but at least we have made a dent and it can be used for guests when it needs to be as well.

We had to move quite a bit around as well and there still needs to be some purging done in order to get everything to fit like it should.

These two pics are what it looked like when we started. The cabinet below is an antique Chinese cabinet that I use for storing paper project supplies. There is a table set up at one end for my computer projects and then one along the window for creative projects. We put the fold out futon on the opposite wall for guests.

The supplies in the picture below are for the tile floors we are going to put in all the wet rooms in the house. They were in the project room but we moved them to the hallway so that the project room could be set up like it should. Hopefully this stuff shouldn't be in the hallway for too long.

Friday, May 1, 2015

Bamboo Lagoon Work At The Bamboo Lagoon

This is where we started with the mess that the raccoon did to the liner this last fall and why our hand is being forced on having to replace the liner this year no matter what.