Friday, August 31, 2007

Purchasing the Bamboo Lagoon

Okay, honestly, it isn't the Bamboo Lagoon yet....we can call it the Grey Lagoon or Blue Lagoon I guess if we want. The house is greyish blue and we haven't even seen it empty yet. We saw it with the realtor and with the building inspector but the owner's stuff is still in it.

We weren't really even looking to buy another rental as we are going to be living far away and don't really want to deal with a rental again, but finding blank land in our price range is just not happening. We need to put the money from the house in NC and the house in WA somewhere so we think this will be the answer. We have family in the area so hopefully the hassle of it won't be as bad as before.

We have already talked to a property management company to handle the rental and maintenance aspects of it. I am hoping that the pool maintenance isn't going to add a new twist complicating things. Our last house in WA had a lot of vines planted in the yard, and that was a LOT of work.

The house is a split level with a tiered back yard and has a solarpanel heated pool. There are three bedrooms, this weird little "office" room, and two bathrooms. It has a fireplace, a balcony off the front and a big deck in back. It has a two car garage and a laundry room.

We think it will be a good rental and then perhaps a nice place for us to "land" when we move back to the area down the road...