Saturday, July 26, 2014

Back Porch Light Replacement

So this house has 4 porch lights, and each one is different. Two of them were the brassy 80's style. We have wanted to replace them since we bought this house.

Last week, I finally got the replacements purchased. I managed to get the two on our back porch done in the morning on one of my days off, since it was shady on that side of the house. We have had very hot weather here for a couple of weeks now so any outdoor improvements have to be done in the shade or during the cooler times of day.

This was the one near our back slider

This was the one next to the back door
The actual change out wasn't that difficult. Both of these did not have electrical boxes for them, so that is something that probably needs to be dealt with at some point. I mostly just wanted to get them installed. Neither one is really exposed to weather directly so I am not too worried, but putting them into junction boxes is something that needs to be done eventually.

These are the two new back ones after installation. I was trying to find something with a simple Asian look to them...mostly, I end up looking at Mission and Craftsman style stuff to get the simple lines. The front ones will be a bit different because those need to be bigger fixtures and the ones they had to match these ones were gigantic so I went with a different style in a motion light.

New one next to back slider

New one next to back door
I think they look pretty cool and are definitely better than what we had up there. The old fixtures will go to the ReStore since they are still usable. Nice to see more brass leaving this house!