Friday, September 16, 2016

Pine Straw Clean Up At The Bamboo Lagoon

Pine straw is like leaves, it is a never ending project each year. Even though we don't have nearly the amount of pine straw here that we did in NC, it still requires a certain amount of maintenance. I really only clean up the straw that falls on a particular area of the yard and let the rest lie where it falls.

This area is right under two Ponderosas we have in the yard and is a thoroughfare to the back porch from the front yard so it has to be cleaned up. This is just the pine straw that fell directly on the ground....there is a bunch more that is on our patio roof that I need to push off onto the ground, but I wanted to get this out of the way first. This straw filled up our 45 gallon yard waste bin all by itself. I wanted to get this area cleaned up before I attempt to do some work on the back porch since walking through this area is necessary and the pine straw is very slippery on the landing area.

I raked all of the it off the landing area, and off the sloping area of the rock wall but left it alone at the top where it just adds to the nice forest look that we have on that side of the yard. It took me an hour to get it all cleaned up and that included cleaning up one side of the drainage system that runs along the yard as well.

I think it looks a lot better and I am sure that the plants that were under a portion of it are much happier to be back out in the open.